Week 1 Progress

Hey, Jack here with the first update on my 2D wizard tower game, tentatively known as “Wizard Game” or “Wizard Tower Game” for now. A game where the goal is to have the player sling all sorts of spells at random enemies in rapid succession as they navigate through a tower.

The main focus of the first week was to get a somewhat organized file structure ready in the Unity project while familiarizing myself with some features of Unity through various tutorials.

The wizard game will be a 2D platformer, and the main tutorial I’ve been using has been showing me more of Unity as I build out an RPG (Role-Playing Game). The tutorial game and the game I plan to make are different genres, but the wizard game will eventually have things like a health bar, collectibles, consumables, and an inventory system for spells. This means I’ll be able to repurpose the knowledge gained from an RPG tutorial for the sake of the wizard game.

One of the main focuses of the wizard game is the ability to aim radially as a 2D platformer. This means that the protagonist should able to track the player’s mouse with their hand and shoot spells in the direction of the point that the player click’s on. The RPG tutorial can help with this as it introduces the concept of using radial aiming but for “top-down” purposes. Since the techniques used might not apply directly to a platformer that has to deal with things like gravity, I’ll have to make my own versions that better suit my magical purposes.

A “top down” perspective means that the viewer is essentially looking down on the game from above. The gravity setting has been disabled for the tutorial that I’m following, and many of these game objects I’ve created through the tutorial’s instructions might have some problems to resolve if I suddenly turned the gravity back on. This only motivates me more to get a better understanding of how to manipulate the gravity in Unity so that it works in the cases where I want it, but can be disabled immediately using features I’ve built into the game.

The first goal I’m aiming for is to create radial aiming and movement for the actual wizard game. The goal after that is to create different spells that the player can pick up and use. Creating enemies and building out levels comes after that, and that’ll be the time to readjust any spells ideally. Working on the fancier things like gravity manipulation might have to wait for a while.

See you next week.






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