Week 2 Progress

Hey, Jack here with the second update to the 2D Wizard tower game. Previously, I had been working through some textbook Unity tutorials to build out a good file structure and familiarize myself with some of the techniques I’ll be using when working on the scripts for the wizard game.

The tutorial had me building out this RPG game with an inventory system, enemies, and some hearts and coins to collect. The red lines in the picture show the locations where each enemy is currently walking to and the circles around them indicate how close the player has to be to them before the enemies will begin to chase the player.

The main reason I decided on following this tutorial was due to the shooting mechanic that the tutorial covers. The player is able to shoot in any direction and at any of the enemies on screen, which is a concept that is really important for me to understand when creating the wizard game. The protagonist also faces the direction that they’re shooting in when they player shoots while the protagonist is standing still. Implementing this feature involved creating the logic of “North, South, East, and West” directions, which will translate to “Up, Down, Left, and Right” since the wizard game will be a 2D platformer.

I’ve also been trying to figure out the look of the main protagonist for the wizard game. So far, I like the idea of the main character being some type of rabbit mage because I think it would fit right in with a world of magic and wizards. There’s the idea of a magician pulling a rabbit out of their hat, and I’d like to have the rabbit as the magician, or wizard in this case, instead. This is my first foray into the world of pixel art so getting the character to look cute and like a rabbit has been a challenge.

The next step in creating the wizard game is to start building out some platforms and have a character running around a level in a platformer perspective rather than a top-down perspective.

See you next week.






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