Week 3 Progress

Howdy, Jack here with the third update to the 2D wizard tower game.

The focus this week was to repurpose and translate the tutorial scripts and prefabs from last week to make them work in a 2D platformer setting. The ability to move and shoot is now possible outside of a top-down scenario and the camera properly follows the player.

The player now has the ability to move and shoot, but the UI elements and the path of the bullets are still based on the logic from the tutorial. A future step will be to replace this logic with my own logic based on what I want each spell to be able to do.

The UI and inventory elements also need to be modified to fit with the idea of collecting spell books and other magic items.

For the next step, I’ll be creating a staff that rotates around the player and points to where the mouse is aiming, and each projectile will need to start its path from the end of the staff.

The tutorial protagonist has also been replaced with a character I created myself. Meet our hero, a lop-eared rabbit-folk wearing a robe and wizard hat. Eventually the character will be given more detail and will be animated, but for now I’m glad to have gotten some of my own art into the game.

Soon I’ll be adding in enemies as well and trying to get them animated. And that’s all for now.

See you next week.






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