Week 5 Progress

Hey, Jack here again with the fifth update to the Wizard Tower Game. There’s quite a bit to cover this time.

First of all, I’ve created a new cobblestone tileset to get started on trying to create a medieval wizard tower-like feel to the game. I think they could look a bit better, but for now it’s just nice to have some more tiles to work with.

There are now cute little slime enemies in the game, which I made in order to test out any new spells I make. The fireball spell has been improved and you can see in the clip above that launching fireballs is much smoother and will no longer have weird lag or stuttering.

While I’m talking about testing out new spells, here’s the new lightning spell I’ve created. It can be given a really cool “chain lightning” effect and I’ve been stacking up the slime enemies like pancakes in order to test out this effect. “Chain lightning” causes the lightning bolt to bounce from the hit enemy to the next closest enemy, and it will bounce a specified number of times to each enemy once in a “chain.”

The clouds in the background will now move in parallax, relative to the player’s vertical movement. Combined with the new stone tileset, this shows off one of the concepts I’m going for in regards to the tower. There’s still a world outside the wizard tower, and so the idea is that as the player ascends the tower the clouds outside the windows will also move.

The above video summarizes everything I’ve mentioned, besides the part about slimes being able to damage the player. While the new stone tileset is cool, giving the player the feeling of being inside of a tower will probably require more detailed art. That will probably be dealt with after I’ve built out some levels.

The next thing for me to work on is to finally replace the health bar and inventory from the tutorial with ones that will work better for a magical 2D platform shooter. I’ll also be creating some more spells as the game needs to have at least 10 different ones.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.






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