Week 7 Progress

Hello there, it’s Jack here with the seventh update on the Wizard Tower Game.

I’ve been working on an inventory system for the game, which will eventually be used to equip and unequip spells that the player has collected. This system will be important, as it should provide away to swap out any of the spells as I add them to the game.

Currently, I’ve created buttons that allow the player to swap between the fireball and lightning spells, but the buttons are mapped directly to each spell. With this system, my hope is to equip the spell using a key that’s associated with the designated slot, allowing any spell to become equipped as long as it’s there.

I’m going to be working on finishing this system and adding more spells to the game.

After this, I’m going to be creating some environmental objects that the player can interact with using their spells.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.






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